Essential Tips for Moving With Kids


As a parent, you may realize your kids get stressed when you tell them you are moving from your current home to a new home. Kids could get stressed from the thought of leaving their friends, changing schools, leaving their toys, and abandoning their cute bedroom. Change is scary, and the kids could have fears of the unknown. However, you can make the situation less stressful and scary by following the guide below, which outlines the best tips for moving with kids.

The Top Tips to Make Your Move Week Go Smoothly


Is your move one week away? Now that the big day is almost here, take a look at the top ways to prep in the week before your move. Touch Base with the Movers You scheduled a move date and time weeks, or even months, ago. But you haven’t spoken to the movers since you agreed to the initial estimate. As your move-out or move-in date approaches, give the movers a call. A pre-move day check-in allows you to verify the details and gives you extra time to ask questions. … Read More

Consider a Full-Service Move for Your Business


If you have identified a new location for your existing business, you want to ensure a successful move. A successful business relocation should be smooth and seamless and allow you to move all your business items to the new location with a minimum amount of fuss. That’s where a moving company comes in. Professional movers are companies that help homeowners and businesses relocate at affordable prices. These companies offer a wide range of services to cater to the needs of different clients. The more help you need or want, the … Read More

Tips to Remember for a Smooth Business Relocation


Businesses move for various reasons, often to enhance business growth. If you plan to relocate your business to be closer to your customers, have more space, or offer an attractive environment for your employees, you’ll need to ensure everything runs smoothly. This way, you’ll enjoy the benefits of corporate relocation from the start. How do you get ready? Moving a company typically feels overwhelming due to the complexities involved, but you shouldn’t give up. Read on to learn some tips to ensure your relocation goes seamlessly.

Moving Abroad? Some Do’s and Don’ts for Packing


Are you planning an international move? While every move calls for some consideration of what belongings to keep and what to get rid of, the right purging is even more important when moving to another country. To help you decide how much to take with you, here are a few useful do’s and don’ts to take into consideration. Do Take Comforts of Home In general, the most important items to pack up when moving overseas are the ones to which you have the greatest attachment. This includes a couple of … Read More

Storing Old Records Off-Site: What to Know


Does your small business have to keep old records, files, and data? Nearly all businesses must maintain storage of some type or amount of old information. But do you have to keep these records on your worksite? The answer is probably not, and you have a number of good reasons to move it off-site. Want to know more about using off-site storage? Discover answers to a few important questions. Why Move Document Storage Off-Site? Keeping old records is a risk to your business for several reasons. Most importantly for today’s … Read More

Ask These Questions Before You Move Furniture Into Your New Home


Should you move every piece of furniture from your old home to the new one? You have a house filled with sofas, tables, chairs, and more. Now that you’re ready to move, you’re not sure if you need to bring every item with you. If you’re not sure whether to move all your furniture or not, take a look at the following questions to ask right now. What Is Your Moving Budget? The decision to bring most, if not all, of your furniture collection can raise the price of the … Read More

Tips for Packing Bedding During a Move


The best packing techniques depend on the items you want to pack. For example, the way you pack your bedding is not the same way to pack other items in the house. Below are useful tips for packing bedding. Pack Them Last Many people consider bedding relatively easy to pack. As such, you should save them for last — especially if you have several days to pack. Packing is usually easier if you start with heavy stuff and you may need the bedding until the last night before your move. … Read More

4 Money-Saving Tips for Your Move


How can you save money on your next move? Whether you’re on a tight budget or could use the extra cash for repairs and renovations, take a look at four top money-saving moving tips to follow.

How to Move Your Couponing Stockpile


If you’re an avid coupon-clipper, you know just how easily you can amass a large stockpile of items, especially when you are able to get these items for free or greatly reduced prices. Your stockpile can serve as a great sense of accomplishment and provide you with the comfort of knowing you will not need to buy these household items any time soon. Unfortunately, moving this large stockpile can present a challenge.