Essential Tips for Moving With Kids


As a parent, you may realize your kids get stressed when you tell them you are moving from your current home to a new home. Kids could get stressed from the thought of leaving their friends, changing schools, leaving their toys, and abandoning their cute bedroom.

Change is scary, and the kids could have fears of the unknown. However, you can make the situation less stressful and scary by following the guide below, which outlines the best tips for moving with kids.

Have a Conversation With the Kids

As soon as you learn about the move, sit your kids down and talk about the move. Explain to the kids the reason why you are moving. You could be moving for work, because you bought a new home, or you want to live near your relatives.

Telling your kids will help them absorb the news early and prepare psychologically for the move. You will also be giving the kids sufficient time to talk to their friends about the move before bidding them goodbye.

Remember to assure your kids about certain things, such as the fact that you will move with all their favorite toys and bedding. Also, tell them you will involve them in the decision-making, such that they will help you decide which of their items to pack so that you don’t leave anything they treasure behind.

Conduct a Preliminary Visit to the Home With the Kids

Weeks before the moving day, visit your new home with the kids. Let your children explore the house and the neighborhood. The preliminary visit will help calm the kids down if they have any fears, and they may get answers to questions they were unable to ask you.

During the visit, remember to visit some landmarks, their new school, playgrounds, parks, or the nearest snack shop. These fun places will make your kids love the new home and look forward to the relocation.

Incorporate Your Kids When Making Decisions

Since you will be moving as a family, do not make all decisions as parents and present them to the kids and expect them to take them all gladly. Try to involve the kids in making decisions at every step as much as possible. For instance, before you move, get pictures of the potential new homes and ask them which ones they prefer.

Once you decide which house you are moving to, consult your kids on which color they would prefer on their bedroom walls or the color of curtains for their bedroom windows. When preparing for the move, give the kids boxes to assist in packing their toys and treasures.

Involving your kids will give them satisfaction since you will not be imposing most decisions on them; instead, they will be part of the decisions.

Give Your Kids Time

Relocating to a new home may not be easy for your kids emotionally. The kids may take time before accepting the move. Thus, they may break some rules and not follow the usual routine. The younger ones may cry more often or be clingier. The older ones may lock themselves up in their rooms most of the time.

Do not get frustrated by these behaviors. Exercise some patience with the kids and assist them where you can. For example, you can decide to do fun things such as hold a superhero party in your home before leaving.

Exercise Caution During the Move

Children are playful and touchy, and they always move around. Therefore, you have to implement safety precautions to prevent the kids from getting injuries. You can consider taking the following actions to exercise precaution:

  • Pack products that can cause harm, like medicines and detergents, first.
  • Get a babysitter to look after the kids as you oversee the packing of your items.
  • Have emergency contacts on standby.
  • Get the kids out of the house when packing and unpacking heavy items.

You do not have to get overwhelmed when you move with your kids to a new home. Talk to them, visit the new house before moving in, involve them in decision-making, and exercise caution to keep them safe. Contact us today for any moving inquiries.