Big Renovation Project? 5 Reasons to Hire Professional Movers


Are you having major home remodeling done? Homeowners in your position need all the help they can get to minimize the disruption to their lives inherent in a big renovation project. And one source of help that should be on your list is professional movers. Why call on a moving service right now? Here are a few of the best reasons.

1. Removing Things Minimizes Clutter

Remodeling construction will always create some chaos in your home. But you can work to minimize the problem when you remove as many unnecessary things as possible.

Certainly, the areas being directly renovated should be emptied of all or nearly all your belongings. However, some of these items — anything from beds to kitchen appliances — may need to stay in the home and must be set up in another area. Therefore, you may also want to expand your clearing efforts to adjacent rooms or anywhere that will become a temporary home to furnishings during the remodel.

2. Moving Your Stuff Is Best for It

Getting your stuff out of the way not only makes things easier to live and work during construction. It’s also the best move for those belongings. Taking them out of the way prevents any accidents from befalling them. It also means they won’t be subjected to dust, debris, theft, temperature changes, chemicals, and other construction hazards. Additionally, it helps keep people from entering construction zones.

This is particularly important for more fragile belongings like upholstered furniture, antiques, and collectibles. It also reduces stress for the family when their prized belongings are stored safely out of the way.

3. You May Need Multiple Moves

Getting a moving service on your team now benefits you throughout the project. Why? First of all, what you take out of various rooms or out of the house itself must also go back inside. Some renovations occur in stages, meaning you can move back into one area while you must move stuff out of another one. This can happen quickly at times.

When you’ve already vetted a moving service, you know who to call whenever you need anything moved — temporarily or permanently. You trust their work, and they already know your property. They can often even rearrange your things when the work is done.

4. Movers Can Often Store for You

Look for a moving service that offers storage solutions as well as transportation. They may have their own secure facilities or they may partner with a local storage service instead. Many companies can handle all this for you, taking one more thing off your plate. And instead of finding and working with multiple vendors, you’ll just have one company to work with.

5. Professionals Keep You Safer

Many homeowners try to handle the moving of their stuff by themselves. Or their contractor may offer to move things in and out. However, your family deserves the safest move possible — which isn’t something that even the most well-meaning amateurs can guarantee.

Packing, moving, and rearranging heavy furniture or bulky belongings put amateur movers at risk of injury. As the homeowner, you are fully liable for any injuries or damage unless you have insured professionals doing the work for you. A professional moving company often provides fully-insured movers that can give you peace of mind.

Where to Learn More

Want to know more about hiring trained movers for your big remodel project? Want to know who you can call if you need something handled quickly and safely? Start by talking with the moving pros at Dixie Moving & Storage, Inc.

We can execute your move, provide off-site storage, and be ready when you need to move back in. Together, we’ll keep you and your belongings safe and help you have the most successful remodeling project possible. Call today to learn more.