What to Consider Before You Hire a Moving Company


If you have ever moved on your own, then you know how tedious and stressful moving can be. In your next move, an experienced mover can help you conveniently and efficiently relocate to your new residential or commercial property. Also, the mover can ensure your valuable items, like documents and appliances, don’t get lost or damaged during the process.

If you intend to move within North Alabama, you are sure to find many local moving companies during your search for a mover. But it doesn’t have to be a game of luck to find a mover that will meet your needs and expectations. Here are a few things to consider if you want the best moving company.


Since the moving industry isn’t one-size-fits-all, the prices charged by moving companies vary based on factors like:

  • The moving distance
  • The type and number of items you want to move
  • The time you want to move

A longer moving distance between your point of origin and destination will be costlier because of more fuel consumption and time spent on the road. If you have bulky and numerous items you want to move, expect to pay more to the moving company. Lastly, moving during the industry’s peak seasons or holidays can be costlier than moving during the off-season.

One of the best ways to manage moving costs is to get estimates from several moving companies. Moving companies provide bidding, non-bidding, and bidding-not-to-exceed estimates, which can help you create a fitting budget. Being cognizant of the pros and cons of the estimate the mover provides can also help you negotiate fair prices.


Moving involves many uncertainties, which could leave you with unnecessary financial losses. For instance, your valuable items can get lost while in transit or damaged during packing or unpacking. For such a reason, you need to hire a moving company that will be liable when such losses happen. An insured moving company will save you money in case of such uncertainties and give you peace of mind.

The types of insurance that a moving company should have are:

  • Basic carrier liability
  • Complete value protection
  • Declared value protection
  • Assessed value protection

Basic carrier liability is free coverage, which the mover must provide based on your items’ weight. Complete value protection insurance will cater to all repair or replacement expenses that might arise during moving. Declared value protection will compensate you based on the depreciated value of the damaged or lost items. Lastly, assessed value protection will compensate you based on your item’s market value rather than its weight.

A reputable moving company should show you proof of its insurance documents and enlighten you about each type of coverage.


For faster, safer, and stress-free moving, the company you choose must have appropriate work equipment. Moving tools and supplies are costly, so a well-equipped company will save you the money you would spend to purchase them. Some of the tools and supplies a moving company should have are:

  • Moving pads or blankets
  • Stair rollers
  • Moving dollies
  • Moving straps

Moving pads will help wrap and protect your fragile belongings and pieces of furniture. Stair rollers will help safely roll your heavy items, like refrigerators, cookers, and furniture, up and down the stairs. Moving dollies, also known as utility dollies, will save you time since the movers use them to stack many boxes at once. Lastly, moving straps will fasten heavy and awkward items, like a couch, on the moving truck for easier transportation.

An initial visit to a moving company of your choice can help you confirm if it has all the necessary equipment.

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