4 Tips to Prevent Water Leaks During a Move


As you plan a move, excess water may create leaks and damage to boxes and items you are moving. Numerous methods help prevent excess water from leaking in your old home, new home, or in a moving vehicle.

Follow these tips to plan ahead and ensure you prevent liquid leaks in everything from appliances to outdoor items.

1. Fish Tank Transfers

One of the quickest ways to transfer a fish tank is to just pick up and bring it along for the ride. Unfortunately, the transfer could result in multiple leaks and excessive movements may cause harm to the fish and other living creatures.

When you transfer the fish, each fish should have their own small transfer container. If the fish are saltwater-based fish, then the new home should have saltwater ready and prepared for the fish’s arrival. Use small glass or plastic container as opposed to plastic bags. The bags could be more prone to leaks and create an unstable environment for the fish.

Before you empty the tank, save a good amount of the water. Place the water in a leak-proof container to use in the new home. The water present in the fish tank will have a lot of beneficial bacteria used to break down fish waste and keep the tank clean. Without the water, the tank may become dirtier.

Wipe out the empty tank and all of the accessories to dry off all of the wet elements.

2. Air Conditioner Removal

Air conditioners may have condensation or coolant stored inside the appliance. If the air conditioner still hangs in the window, pull the air conditioner upward so the bottom tilts outside the window and all of the liquids drain to the outside. Furthermore, having a secure and watertight roof is essential care for a home when dealing with possible or post water damage. Roofing companies such as https://firstamericanroofing.com/winona-roofing-and-siding/ are there to help you check and address any issues your old home or your new home may have, and be there if a disaster occurs. The condensation drips out and you will not spread water through the home.

When you pack air conditioners, keep them on a flat surface. Do not position the air conditioner in any way other than the stand-up position. If you pack the air conditioner upside down or on the side, coolants or oils could leak out and create a mess. You may then need a Charlottesville ac repair expert to replace the liquids or fix the leak.

When you stack multiple air conditioners, use a blanket or air bubble protection between each one to help prevent damage or leaks.

3. Large Appliance Removal

Large appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers could leak in a variety of different ways. A few days before the move, completely clean out the appliances and unplug each one. The refrigerator will fully thaw out and prevent leaks while the appliance transfers from home to home.

For an appliance like a dishwasher, drain the hoses to completely remove liquids. A professional mover has services available to help with large appliances. Often, a refrigerator must move while in the upright position. A moving company has thee gear and experience to properly move the appliances without any leaks.

The movers will also pack the appliances and secure them to ensure leaks do not occur and doors do not swing open. If a refrigerator leaks oil or coolant, the appliance may not work properly, so professional help will ensure your appliance works correctly in the new home.

4. Outdoor Item Moving

The outdoor items at your home have exposure to multiple weather types and water. When you move items like outdoor furniture or hoses, you do not want to worry about water leaks during the moving process.

Completely drain a hose from any extra water. Stretch the hose out to expand the hose’s full length. Slowly lift one side up and roll up the hose at a higher angle from the ground. The water will glide down the hose and come out the opposite end. The process continues until you reach the end of the hose and all the liquids are drained.

Outdoor furniture should be kept upside down for a day or so before the move to drain out water and dry out properly.

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