Tips to Remember for a Smooth Business Relocation


Businesses move for various reasons, often to enhance business growth. If you plan to relocate your business to be closer to your customers, have more space, or offer an attractive environment for your employees, you’ll need to ensure everything runs smoothly. This way, you’ll enjoy the benefits of corporate relocation from the start.

How do you get ready? Moving a company typically feels overwhelming due to the complexities involved, but you shouldn’t give up. Read on to learn some tips to ensure your relocation goes seamlessly.

Inform Everyone About the Move

One mistake business owners or managers make is planning relocation secretly and sharing the news a few days before moving. This is often inconvenient for the employees, so announce the move in advance when the plans are still underway to allow your employees to work towards the project. You can even assign some moving tasks to reduce stress.

As you announce your move to your team, don’t forget to inform your customers and clients, insurance companies, banks, service providers, government agencies, post offices, and vendors. The earlier everyone knows, the better.

Have a Moving Schedule

The key to having a seamless move is to have a detailed plan. Know the critical company dates, and create a timeline that won’t interfere with your business’s daily functions. The last thing you want is to move on the day you have an important meeting with your new international clients or an essential conference call you cannot postpone.

As you create a timeline, remember to outline the vital stages of the move — what to do and when. Indicate the dates to handle specific tasks like sorting essential documents, packing up the office, and setting up the new office.

Throw Away Unnecessary Items

The relocation process offers an excellent opportunity to discard office clutter you won’t need in the new space. Ask each of your employees to remove clutter from their drawers, desks, and filing cabinets. Also, donate or dispose of any old chairs and desks, unusable pieces of furniture and décor, as well as surplus office fixtures and equipment. In addition, shred or recycle documents you no longer need.

Store the Important Items

Consider storage if you’re moving to downsize or have items you don’t need to keep in the new office. Find a reputable storage facility that can provide a climate-controlled unit to store extra furniture, office equipment, and supplies. Since you’ll need to retrieve or store more items over time, you should get a storage unit close to the new office.

Draft an Inventory List

Now that you disposed of the unnecessary items and planned what will go in storage, you’ll need to draft an inventory list. This way, you’ll track the office items you’ll be moving to the new workspace. Have a digital list, and print a hard copy for record purposes. If any piece of furniture, equipment, artwork, or electronics goes missing, you’ll know easily.

Hire Corporate Movers to Help

As you can see, you and your employees need to do a lot to prepare for relocation to manage the usual business operations. To make the moving work easier, you’ll need to work with a reputable moving company. These professionals will handle the major moving stress contributors like packing, heavy lifting, transportation, and unpacking work on your behalf.

Besides, they will take on the liability if any of the items are damaged on the move, and they will help set up the new office. Make sure you work with a moving company with a good reputation and reviews to avoid disappointments later.

Office relocation doesn’t need to be stressful. At Dixie Moving & Storage, we will take care of the office items throughout the moving process. Our trustworthy and dependable staff will handle every task, so your employees can run the business efficiently amidst the move. Call us today for a seamless move!