Ask These Questions Before You Move Furniture Into Your New Home


Should you move every piece of furniture from your old home to the new one? You have a house filled with sofas, tables, chairs, and more. Now that you’re ready to move, you’re not sure if you need to bring every item with you. If you’re not sure whether to move all your furniture or not, take a look at the following questions to ask right now.

What Is Your Moving Budget?

The decision to bring most, if not all, of your furniture collection can raise the price of the move. But the choice to discard, sell, or donate unused, damaged, or other similar items can lower it. Before you select what to take/what not to take, consider your overall moving budget.

A professional mover can streamline the process, reduce your move-day stress level, and give you the time you need to make this transition. Ask your potential future moving contractor if the company charges per room or by weight. If you have specialty furniture, such as oversized items or antiques, you may need additional services to accommodate these pieces.

Can You Still Use the Furniture?

Severe damage and extreme wear can leave your furniture completely unusable. From tears in couches and missing stuffing to broken table legs, there are some items that are beyond repair and shouldn’t move with you. The same goes for anything that poses a safety risk or physical hazards—such as a mattress with sharp metal springs that stick out or a table with a splintering wooden top.

Do You Have Plans To Redecorate?

Your new home needs a makeover. Instead of sticking with the same style you used in your old home, your new decor plan may feature a totally different look. Whether you’ll make a change from a traditional aesthetic to a clean, contemporary feel or vice versa, you may need to invest in new furniture. If the items you already have will look out of place in your new home, taking everything with you adds unnecessary expenses to your moving budget.

Do You Plan To Downsize?

Does your new home have fewer rooms than the old one? A downsized move means you might not need to bring every couch, chair, or dresser with you. Think about how many rooms you will need to fill and how many rooms of furniture you have. If you eliminate items you can’t fit into your old home right now, you can reduce move-related costs.

Does the Furniture Have Sentimental Value?

The end table your grandmother gave you has scratches and chips. While it isn’t the prettiest piece in your furniture collection, it does have sentimental value. A strong emotional attachment may trump the practical issues behind your decision to move or not to move specific items. Even though you may need to increase the overall moving budget to bring sentimental items, you can’t put a price on cherished memories.

Will You Rent a Storage Unit?

If you’re planning to move during construction or you have a temporary move coming up, you can accommodate your belongings during this transitional time by renting a self-storage unit. This means you won’t need to bring everything with you. If your home isn’t ready for your furniture, you won’t need it, or your temporary housing comes fully furnished, you won’t need to bring everything or possibly anything with you.

Even though you won’t move your furniture into your new (or temporarily new) home, you will still need to bring it to the storage location. Unlike damaged items or downsized items you won’t ever use again, you do need to include the costs of moving your furniture from your old home to the storage facility.

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