Tips for Packing Bedding During a Move


The best packing techniques depend on the items you want to pack. For example, the way you pack your bedding is not the same way to pack other items in the house. Below are useful tips for packing bedding.

Pack Them Last

Many people consider bedding relatively easy to pack. As such, you should save them for last — especially if you have several days to pack. Packing is usually easier if you start with heavy stuff and you may need the bedding until the last night before your move.

Prepare for the First Night

Chances are you will need some of your bedding on the first night in your new home. Therefore, you need to have a system in place so you can easily access the bedding you need. One option is to pack the bedding you will need on the first night separately. That way, you won’t have to unpack everything else just to get the bedding for your first night.

Use Them as Padding

Bedding can make great padding for other items as you pack. Some reasons to use bedding as padding include:

  • You can cushion fragile items, such as electronics, with soft bedding and prevent damage.
  • You can purchase less padding if you use the bedding you already have and need to pack.
  • You will need fewer boxes to store and move your items.

Just ensure you don’t use expensive linens or bedding that you want to protect at all costs. Your everyday bedding will do.

Use Protective Plastic Bags

Most bedding is not delicate. However, dirt and moisture can still ruin it during the move. Wrap the bedding in plastic bags to prevent such damage. You can even go further and place the bedding vacuum-sealed bags that suck out all the air so that it will occupy minimal space in the boxes.

Put Them in Empty Drawers

Bedding tends to be bulky and can eat up space in your packing boxes. Another way to minimize the space your bedding occupies is to put it in empty drawers or wardrobes that you also plan to move. Just remember to wrap up the bedding first to prevent damage from moisture and dirt.

Compress the Bedding as You Pack

As previously mentioned, bedding tends to be bulky and can inflate your moving costs. Compress the bedding as you pack to minimize the space that it occupies. Press down on the bedding every time you add a layer into a box for maximum compression.

Fold the Linens Carefully

Another tip is to fold the bedding carefully before wrapping and putting them in boxes. Don’t just throw them into the packing boxes. Careful folding ensures your linens don’t wrinkle during handling and transportation. It also helps linen occupy the least amount of space possible.

Mind the Weight

Pack the bedding into boxes you can easily handle and carry around. Some bedding, such as duvets, can especially be heavy if you pack multiples of them into the same boxes. The bigger your packing boxes are, the heavier they are likely to be with bedding. Heavy moving boxes can throw your back out or cause other injuries.

Use Blank Packing Paper

You can use packing paper to protect your bedding if you don’t place it in plastic bags. In such a case, put down layers of bedding in the box and cover up the top layer with packing paper to keep out dirt. Ensure the packing paper is blank and acid-free to prevent damage. Don’t use newspapers since their print might damage your linens.

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