How to Downsize Before Moving to a Smaller Place


If you plan to move into a smaller home or apartment, then you probably know not all your stuff will fit in the new place. If you’ve lived in your current home for a long time, you’ve likely collected a large number of items over the years. Even if you plan to rent a storage area for your excess property, you should still go through and discard as much as possible to help make moving easier. Discover some tips to get you started with the process.

Plan Early

The earlier you plan to downsize, the more organized and less stressful it will be. Make a plan as soon as you know where you are moving. Break up the task into sections. For example, plan out each room or closet separately. Start with rooms you won’t have in your new place such as extra bedrooms. You can also divide the task up by item type.

Make a Yes and No Pile

Divide up items into a yes and no pile only. Don’t make a maybe pile. Maybe piles bring on hesitation, and the items are likely to go back into your yes pile to be sorted again. You can also make a donation pile for charities. Keep only items you currently use or regularly use. With collections, try to keep only your favorites in that collection and discard the rest.

Take Pictures

Before you throw anything out, take a picture of the items. This is especially helpful for collections that you need to downsize. Some people find it helpful to arrange these photos in an album. They can still show off their collection without it taking up a lot of space.

Also, consider digitizing all your photos and music collections. Limit physical copies to a few albums of your best photos or a few storage containers of music CDs or albums. You can always print out more photos if needed and still listen to your music.

Talk to Your Family

Let your family know you are downsizing and the potential items you may discard. Ask your family if they have anything they wish you to keep or would like to have. You may find your family doesn’t want what you think they want and vice versa. Give them a deadline as to when to decide before you discard anything.

Consider Replacement Costs

If you are on the fence about disposing anything you haven’t used in a while, consider its cost. If you have the means, you can buy it again if you truly need it again after you move. You may find you will either not need it or can get a better, updated item later.

Measure Your New Home

Your large furniture might not fit in your new home. For example, your new living room may not have room for a full-size sofa and entertainment center. Your new bedroom may not accommodate a king-sized bed. Wall lengths, outlet locations, and doors may be in less convenient locations. Measure out walls, and make a plan where your furniture will go in your new place. Discard or replace furniture that will not fit.

When you clear the excess stuff in your home, moving will be easier. You will have fewer things to pack and fewer boxes to unpack later on. Fewer things to move also means a faster move. When you need to go to your new place, make sure you hire professional movers and packers to further streamline the process.

Dixie Moving & Storage, Inc., will help you pack up and move to your new, smaller location. We’ll even provide you with extra storage if you find you still have plenty more than you can fit in your new place. Check out our website to learn more about the services we offer, and contact us for a quote when you are ready.