Everything You Need to Know About Plastic Moving Bins


Are all plastic moving and storage bins the same? Before you invest in bins for your next move, take a look at what you need to know about these containers.

Do You Need a Clear Container?

Plastic bins come in a rainbow of colors. But that doesn’t mean you need to choose a solid-colored container. Along with colorful bins, you can also choose a clear option. These containers have clear sides and a clear bottom. Some may also come with a clear lid, while others have a solid-colored top.

A clear bin makes it easy to see what’s inside. This can help to organize your move and make the job easier for a moving contractor. Even though you should still label every bin, box, and bag, with a clear container, the mover won’t have to guess where the items go in your new home. While this is an advantage for some moving customers, it can create privacy issues.

Do You Need a Colorful Container?

If you don’t want the movers, your old neighbors, your new neighbors, or anyone else to get a view of your belongings, a clear bin isn’t an effective option. A solid-colored (opaque) container provides the privacy you may need to move sensitive or valuable belongings.

Along with privacy concerns, these types of containers offer an easy way to color code your move. Choose one color bin for each room or type of item. This allows you to easily group like belongings or create categories. You can also create a color-coded chart for the movers to use as they pack and unload the truck.

Do You Need an Air-Tight Lid?

An air-tight lid can keep your belongings safe during the move. If you have fragile or climate-sensitive items, an air-tight lid can reduce the risks of moisture, heat, or cold damage.

While a snap-on or tight-fitting lid may seem air-tight, these options may not create a complete seal. Before you invest in plastic bins with lids, make sure the container is clearly labeled (from the manufacturer) as air-tight. A poorly fitted lid can let rain, snow, humid air, or even pests in.

Do You Want Bins With Latches?

Some moving and storage bins have latches that connect the bottom of the container with the lid. These extra closures provide an added layer of security during your move – but may not create an air-tight seal.

Do You Need Small, Medium, or Large Bins?

Not only do plastic moving bins come in a variety of colors and closure types, but they also come in several different sizes. The specific sizes available depend on the manufacturer. To choose the right size of bin for your moving needs, consider how much space the items will use and the total weight. Include both the weight of the items and the weight of protective materials (such as towels or quilts).

Even though a large bin may seem like an easy option for over-sized belongings or furniture, if the container can’t handle a heavy weight, it could crack or break mid-move. Consult the manufacturer’s specifications for the total weight each bin can contain.

Do You Need to Buy Bins?

With the color, closure, and size chosen, move on to the next step and decide whether you want to buy bins for your move. Bins are reusable, making them eco-friendly options. But if you don’t have a use for the containers again, they’ll take up space in your new home. Think about how many times you will have a use for the bins and if its less than 3 then you should consider hiring instead.

Here is an example, you may have several large items that you don’t want to bring with you to the new home. Said items are destined for the garbage dump. In that case, it makes sense to hire a skip bin as you will only be doing this action once. There’s no point in buying a skip bin for an action that will only be done once. Before you invest in plastic bins, decide whether you want to buy or rent the containers.

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