The Dos and Don’ts of Moving a Prized Collection


Moving into a new house can be an exciting opportunity to start over again in many ways. In other ways, you may be eager for the new abode to feel like your current one. One simple thing can help you feel at home in your new house: your belongings, such as your prized collection. Consider these dos and don’ts for moving a valuable collection.

Do Get Expensive Items Appraised by a Professional

Although you are not likely to encounter any problems with moving your collection from one place to another, prepare for the worst to better enjoy the anticipated happy scenarios. Make sure all the valuable items in your collection are insured before your move. To do that, you will probably need to have the items appraised so that you can insure them for accurate values.

You may be surprised by how valuable some items in your collection are. After learning about how valuable some treasures are, some collectors decide they’d rather have the funds than hold on to their collection. The appraisal may help you decide whether you want to hang on to the items or sell them prior to your move.

Don’t Fail to Prepare for the Worst

Some collections can be transported rather easily, while others may be easily damaged. Take the time to consider how fragile your collection may be. If in doubt, speak to other collectors or consult any user manuals that came with the items, if relevant.

Take precautions to ensure that your collection stays cool if it’s susceptible to heat damage. If the items are breakable, mark all boxes with your collection as fragile. Also indicate which side of the box should face up. To keep your collection as safe as possible, talk to your professional movers to discuss any special requests you have about moving the items.

Do Create Careful Records of Your Collection

If you don’t already have your collection catalogued, take this important step when preparing to move your collection. Take photographs of each piece of your collection and write a thorough description of each piece.

Next, decide if you want to go digital with your inventory or stick to paperwork you can hold in your hands. If you decide to take inventory with a journal or notebook, set aside one book specifically for the inventory of your collection. Otherwise, start an online folder to store all the records of your collection.

Don’t Pack Your Collection Like You Do Other Items

A valuable collection should be packed differently than books, appliances, or other possessions. It is similar to the care you need to take when packing dishes or delicate lamps. Wrap every item in your collection with care and pack them snugly in each box. Double tape the boxes that contain valuables to ensure that the box doesn’t open in transit.

Then, when you are ready to pack your collection, keep a record of which item goes in which box. The more specific you are, the easier it will be to unpack. Label all the boxes to easily find each item in your collection as you take them out of the boxes and arrange your collection in your new home.

Do Ask for Advice From Other Experienced Collectors

Firsthand advice from fellow collectors can help you feel confident about moving your treasures. Be specific about the advice you seek. Prepare questions to help fellow collectors better help you get the information you need. If you just ask for general moving advice, you may end up with basic information you already know.

Finally, contact Dixie Moving & Storage, Inc., today to speak to a caring member of our team. We are happy to offer a free moving estimate. With our wrapping, packing, and unloading services, we are happy to customize your moving experience and ensure that your prized collections arrive at your new house in top condition.